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    Product assembly conveyor system
    Item : Product assembly conveyor system
    Number : BS1
    Product Description

    Specification:Welcome to customized order

    Frame:Aluminum profile

    Belt material:Depending on the environment and industry

    Max. load:20-30 kg/m

    Transporting goods:Product assembly line, all kinds of small items delivery

    Speed: constant speed, inverter control, DC voltage adjustment

    The advantages of product assembly conveyor system:

    The light duty belt conveyor system is suitable for clean room.

    The belt conveyor can be customized with the customer process to increase mechanism.

    Such as: belt conveyor work tables, lighting equipment, shelves ... and so on.

    Product assembly conveyor system with belt conveyor work table is the module designshort delivery and lightweight.

    Chain We can mass produce light duty belt conveyor systems which is the best choice for product assembly system!